What is GIANTS Recruits?

GIANTS Recruits is a FREE program for all juniors aged between 5-12 years.

When you join GIANTS Recruits you receive a very special Recruits membership including:

  • Access to the GIANTS Recruits website including all the locked games, activities and fun.
  • Free entry into select GIANTS home games.
  • A personalised GIANTS Recruits Membership card
  • Exclusive giveaways at selected GIANTS home games*
  • Invitations to attend GIANT Recruits AFL clinics for a reduced price
  • You’ll remain a Recruit for up to four seasons or until you turn twelve – then its your turn to become one of Cogs’ Cadets

Don’t miss out – join GIANTS Recruits today!

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*Terms and conditions apply


Receive a GIANTS Membership Pack

As a GIANTS Recruit, you will receive a special membership and pack including a personalised member card and lanyard.

Unlock the Recruits Fun

As a GIANT Recruit you will receive access to all the fun and games on our website, plus early access to GIANTS Recruits Clinics.

Free Tickets

Free entry into three home GIANTS games in 2023*. GIANTS Recruits can even take the rest of the family to the first registered game.